Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spin Class Hurts

So my wife and I decided to be brave and try out the spin class offered at our gym last night. Neither of us has ever participated in a spin class so we thought it would be a nice experience for the both of us. Well let me tell you it was not what I expected. I thought I was going to drop dead right there on the bike numerous times, and every time I managed to look up all I could see is this peppy instructor pedaling like she was in a race. I managed to last the whole class, but I am paying for it today. Lets just say the seat on the bike was not made for comfort and I now know that for a fact.

Today is going to be about making a list for odds and ends I still need to get for next week. I know I need simple things like new underwear, and prescriptions filled, but I also need things like a bike lock. So I really have to take an inventory of everything I have and make a list of what I need to get.

I'm also going to hit the gym this afternoon and get a good workout in. I think I will stick to the treadmill, the thought of sitting on a bike just isn't doing it for me right now.

I have come up with a goal for the next 6 days. I currently weigh in at 306 lbs on my home scale. My goal will be to weigh in at LIFE on Tuesday at under 300 lbs. I'm really going to concentrate on what I'm eating, and make sure I get some exercise in each day, as well as drink nothing but water. I want to be heading in the right direction going to the program.

I started yesterday by having a plain bagel for breakfast, peanut butter on whole wheat for lunch, plain chicken with asparagus for dinner, and sugar free jello for dessert. Overall I think it was probably 800-1000 calories. I felt good, not to low on energy from not eating as much as I am used to.

Well I am going to get going for the day. I really enjoyed everyones comments on yesterdays post. Please continue to comment if you can, it really is a big morale booster. Also, if you have any advice on spin class I'm all ears. Thanks for following my blog.


  1. Wow, It is so refreshing to read yawls blog .. Its such a good thang to see people actually take charge of there lifes.. takes a lot of strength, I totally admire what you are doing, keep up the great work!

  2. I totally get what you mean about the bike seat, definitely not meant for comfort. (...wonder if they do that on purpose so you will peddle faster to get off sooner...)You can try putting a folded towel or a piece of foam rubber on the bike seat...might give it a little more cushion.

    You are doing such a great job preparing for "Boot Camp"! I'm excited for you, and hope you are getting excited too! Try not to worry too much about the after...we will all be there to help you re-acclimate. In fact, I'm looking forward to learning from you!

  3. You're braver then me. I've never tried a spin class and would still probably shy away in fear. Good for you!

    I bet you meet your goal!

  4. Ive never tried spin class!!! I tried yoga recently and was a little disappointed. I stick to the treadmill and eliptical mostly!! Good luck buddy!!!!! Sara T

  5. I don't even know what a spin class is but I can safely bet that I would never try one!!

  6. You brave soul, you did a spin class. I don't think I would ever even try it. Riding a bike is so painful that I just couldn't handle it. I wonder how I did it as a kid!?!

    You have a great goal, and I hope you obtain it before you leave! Cheering you on.

  7. I've never tried a spin class, but I can appreciate the "peppy" instructors. I've had violent thoughts about those people *laughs*
    There's nothing worse than thinking you're going to die before you finish and you look up and there they are just smiling and not sweating and bouncing. Violence.
    Have fun at the gym today!! I know I can't get to gyms, so I'm a dvd fanatic instead and I walk. Good luck on getting to your goal before you get to LIFE. You for sure will get there!

  8. Think gel seat! Have taken a few spin classes at my gym and the gel seats are so worth it. They cost about $10. About 1/3 of the bikes in class already have a gel seat but if you aren't there early you miss out so i just got my own. Takes a minute to put on.

    I know what you mean i couldn't believe they wanted me to pedal for a whole hour! But i made it thru too and i think you really burn alot of calories during one of those. Your doing great. Please don't go too low on your calorie count though as it will have the opposite effect of what you want. If you've done any research you already know that so i won't go into it. JInx!

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