Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sorry Everyone

Hi Everyone,
So sorry for having such a gap between posts. I had computer problems, followed by bouts of sheer exhaustion. This week has been both the best and worst week of my life. The best in the sense that I have began a journey down the healthy road, and have already begun to accomplish goals that I thought would be impossible. The worst in the sense that I have never been so sore or tired in my life. This program is a complete assault on your body.

I'll try to give you a quick recap of some of the highlights of my days, and let you know how it has gone for me so far. Let me start by saying that both the staff and other attendees have been great to be around, and the program is ran great.

Tuesday - Arrival Day. I arrived at my new home at around 9:45 am and was met in the lobby by one of the assistants and helped to my new room. I have a roommate named Adam, he has been here 5 months and lost 135 lbs. After getting settled into my room I was picked up and brought the 1 mile to the gym. At that point I went through all the initial testing, which of course determined me to be in poor health, no surprise. My stats are that I weigh 304lbs, have 37% body fat, and 188lbs of lean muscle. After the orientation I met with the nutritionist for 30 minutes. We went over my meal plan which includes 4 meals a day plus a protein shake. It equals roughly 1700 calories a day. Since I will be burning 3500 calories a day, it is not such a big deal. After that I had 1 on 1 training for an hour. He took it kind of easy on me since it was my first day, ya right. He worked me out like I was training for a marathon. After that I went right into spin class with a trainer who might just be the fittest woman I have ever met. Lets just say my butt and everything else was killing me by the time that was done. Next I walked back to the apartment and the day was done.
The following days I have done things like completed a 3.5 mile hike up a mountain. At least the first half was all up hill. I also completed a 2.5 mile walk in the sand at the beach. Killer on the calfs. I've done a lot of cardio, and cardio boxing. Building up my stamina, and burning calories. Today was my first real day of rest, I only had about 30 minutes of cardio today, so my body got a chance to recover. I've been having foot blister problems so the day off was needed. My wife also came up to see me today, so it was a nice day. Tomorrow starts my first full week, and I'll do my best to update you nightly going forward. Once again sorry about disappearing for so long.
Thanks for reading this. Talk to you all soon.