Monday, October 18, 2010

3 month doctor visit

I had my 3 month doc visit and weigh in today.  I weighed in at 252 lbs, which is 96 lbs less than my first appointment 4 months ago, and 72 lbs less than surgery 3 months ago.  To say that I am very pleased with the results to this point would be an understatement.  I am used to over promising and under delivering, in this case the surgery has produced even better than I could have hoped for.  The dietician even went as far as to tell me I might be losing weight to fast.  Not something I hear everyday, so I had to give a little chuckle.

I feel like I am now entering the home stretch, which will also be the most difficult part of weight loss.  I am now at the point where the weight will start coming off slower where I won't be able to see the results as clearly.  I need to stay focused and realize that all I need to do to reach my goal by the end of May is lose 2 lbs a week.  That is not impossible, I am as focused and motivated as I've ever been.  Wish me luck, and I'll update you as often as I can.