Sunday, September 6, 2009

Golf Day Sunday

Today my day started out the way I wish all my Sundays could begin. I played 18 holes with my best friend for my belated birthday gift. We had a great time, we were both equally as bad and were proud of it. It was also a good workout, a lot of walking and core exercises take place during golf. I shot a 96 which is terrible, but I haven't really played in months, so I'm lucky I didn't have any swings and misses.

The rest of the day is going to be spent relaxing. My wife and I have some pictures to hang up in our new apartment, but besides that not much on the agenda. We will probably take our dogs for a nice walk when it cools down later this afternoon. We have been having a late summer heat wave, its been in the 90's consistently for the last 2 weeks.

Last night I slept pretty good with my CPAP on, I turned down the humidifier and didn't get water-boarded, so I need to keep the setting low. I definitely feel better rested, and I wake up much less through the night, although I am sleeping in semi shift. I usually wake up from about 2-3 am and mess around on the computer. Besides that the CPAP has been great.

My wife and I met up with my brother, his wife, their son, and her parents for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. After looking at the 40 page menu, I decided to go with my regular order there, the Thai Lettuce Wraps. They are so filling and pretty healthy for you.

This afternoon I had the Boca Meatless Cheeseburger for lunch. Has anyone else tried one before? I swear, if I didn't know it was meatless, I would have believed I was eating a regular burger. For those of you who don't know, I gave up all red meat, including pork, because my cholesterol was out of control.

I have high cholesterol which I'm on medication for, as well as 2 different types of blood pressure meds. The CPAP should help reduce the blood pressure problem, but I have not had red meat for 5 months in my effort to battle the cholesterol issue. In the beginning it was a struggle, but now it is to the point where I don't miss it at all. I just replace it with chicken, turkey, and now soy. Hopefully that will be the first step in many to come in my battle for weight loss and overall health.

Well I'm going to get going. If you have any recipes, especially heart healthy recipes, I would love to hear them. Thanks everyone for continuing to follow my blog and supporting me.


  1. Good for you on the red meat and pork thing. My husband and I gave those two meats up in October. Like you, I found it hard at first, but now it's no big deal. There are a lot of yummy alternatives out there.

  2. We are very proud of you Chris! Life style changes are not easily made, but it sounds like you are getting a running start and making smart decisions. You are truely an inspiration to Dad and I.

  3. Hello Chris,
    Just found you...Look foward to following you and getting to know you..Cannot wait for the things you are going to change!!

  4. good luck to you my friend ,if i find some great heart healthy recipes i will post them .. have a great week

  5. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for following me on Grandmas Making a Difference! I am going to wish you more than luck -- because I know from experience it takes a lifetime commitment to live a disciplined life, especially when it comes to what we eat! I can tell you are already committed by the changes you are making at home before you go to "L.I.F.E." Amazing things are going to happen in you and for you as you make this journey - because losing weight has a whole lot more to do with our lives than food. You will become a new person, inside and out -- and you'll never want to go back! I look forward to following your success as it happens....... Believe in yourself - you can do it!